Our Services

As the mission states, we are a ministry that is built on using the resources of the community to help cultivate the potential our children. We believe that every child is a seed and with proper nurturing that child can develop into someone very productive for our society. Therefore, we provide the following services in order to accomplish the mission of FCM.

Christian Mentoring Program

This program is meant to help young people reach their potential by influencing them with a positive role model. FCM mentors are Christian men and women who have a passion to work with young people.

Fathers Outreach Program

This service is provided to encourage and equip fathers to be more responsible towards their children. Some of the activities will include fathers rallies, accountability groups, workshops, and retreats.

Mother Support Group

This service of FCM is given to help provide needed support to the mothers of our children. The FCM mothers support group is available in order to give our mothers the opportunity to meet and gain support and insight from each other in order to help them in their parenting skills. The group is facilitated by qualified volunteers who have a passion for assisting our mothers.

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